Why Us





Poised Publishing is a full service self publishing company that guarantees client satisfaction. All works are being performed in house. We aim to help authors and writers achieve their goals and dreams of getting published. Thus, if you are looking at self publishing – whether you are printing novels, how to books, brochures or manuals, or any other types, you can easily imagine, how our services and solutions can help you self publish your books easy and simple.

We, at Poised Publishing, make it possible for writers to become published authors. With leadership and excellence that brings expertise in the publishing industry, sales, technology, and marketing, Poised Publishing offers a set of unique self publishing services and products. Not to mention our skills as a dedicated team committed to allowing authors see their own books in print. We offer an affordable and quick service, knowledgeable and reliable customer service representatives. We are ready to aid you in sharing your story to the world.


Poised Publishing offers high quality self publishing solutions at great prices. You don’t have to worry about stretching your budget for all our services are being offered with reasonable prices. We offer affordability without sacrificing quality.

Ease of Use:

Setting up books with Poised Publishing is straightforward and fairly easy.


We offer a plethora of options in order to keep savviest designers and authors satisfied.

Customer service/support:

We value our clients more than anything else; we are committed to offering utmost client satisfaction through our reliable customer support.