Layout and formatting



You exerted a lot of effort and time into writing your book, thus the look and feel of your book should definitely reflect that. Let us utilize our expertise to make a well designed layout for your book. With our layout service, you will be immensely benefited, making you proud about your book.
We design any books in a range of genres such as novels, poetry, non-fiction, children’s books, cookbooks, and many more. From simple to complex designs, Poised Publishing can create excellent layout that will suit to your unique needs, requirements, preference, and your budget.
Let us design the overall interior of the book, including your title page, front matters parts, chapter pages, table of contents, and even back matter parts. We at, Poised Publishing, are familiar with all the guidelines from popular PoD or print-on-demand, and will strive to design your books to meet your specifications. You can definitely choose from a wide variety of layout options.