Publishing goals vary from writer to write; we at, Poised Publishing, strive to fully understand your goals and self publishing project. You invested your effort and time just to create an amazing book manuscript. So, if you want the readers to like it and recommend it to other people, you should see to it that your manuscript is potentially and editorially sound. Well, you can achieve that from our editorial services. All of our editors have a good eye for detail with degrees in English and a ton of experience in publishing.

Simple editing

With simple editing, we check for grammar, spelling and punctuations

Deep editorial

Deep editing builds of the simple editing, we check for flow, consistency and alignment with the story or subject.We ensure that your books will go through procedures and processes to become a honed and polished manuscript


Critique applies a different lens, we provide you with a fair criticism on how you can improve your overall book.
There’s no substitute for our editing and proofreading. Our editing services are designed to make your books the best products that they can be.

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