Book Covers




When it comes to book covers, Poised Publishing can offer you a wide range of selections. With us, you will be able to choose excellent and compelling book covers that will suit to the genre of your book. We specialize in providing attractive and superior book cover design service through our professional designers

  • We will design you covers that will meet all the specifications for submission
  • 3D cover designs
  • Multiple iterations until you are satisfied

We strive to meet your expectations by strictly abiding to your specifications. Poised Publishing offers a combination of personal service, professional book design, at affordable and compelling prices.
Our services at Poised Publishing can be considered on top of the competition. In fact, we are becoming more and more popular to self publishers and this is because of what we have to offer. Our popularity continues to increase and it shows no sign of slowing. For this, we strive to improve our services and features. Let us be your way to effective and successful self-publishing.